Почему "LaVar Ball" в тренде? Март 2017.

LaVar Ball Talks Beating Michael Jordan, $1 Billion Shoe Deal for Sons

14.03.2017 - Bleacher Report

LaVar Ball hasn't been shy about hyping up his children, but now he wants everyone to know just how good he was at basketball. "Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one," Ball said Monday, per Josh Peter of USA Today. The father of

LaVar Ball spawns hilarious Twitter hashtag with his latest ridiculous comments

14.03.2017 - Yahoo Sports

#LaVarBallSays If he would have decided to play golf instead of basketball then Tiger Woods would have been his caddie. — warnerj33 (@jwarner33) March 13, 2017. Jay-Z better watch out, Ball is coming for his Grammy Awards. #LaVarBallSays he woulda

Does LaVar Ball bluster leave us amused or confused?

11.03.2017 - LA Daily News

That was in response to an online story that outlined LaVar Ball's multiple appearances on FS1 shows this week, all in the name of building the Ball Family Brand. LaVar took personal offense to things TNT analyst Charles Barkley has said about his role